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Causes and Treatments for Knee Pain

Because your knee is a complex joint, with many moving parts it can be more prone to injury1. Knee pain can often be treated at home and you should start to feel better in a few days2.



What are some of the common causes of knee pain?

Knee pain can be a symptom of many different conditions, the NHS has put together this table to help you if you are struggling with knee pain. Remember, if you are worried see your GP.


Knee symptoms Possible cause
Pain after overstretching, overusing or twisting, often during exercise sprains and strains
Pain between your kneecap and shin, often caused by repetitive running or jumping tendonitis
Unstable, gives way when you try to stand, unable to straighten, may hear a popping sound during injury torn ligament, tendon or meniscus, cartilage damage
Teenagers and young adults with pain and swelling below kneecap Osgood-Schlatter’s disease
Kneecap changes shape after a collision or sudden change in direction dislocated kneecap

Knee pain with no obvious injury

Causes of knee pain without injury

Knee symptoms Possible cause
Pain and stiffness in both knees, mild swelling, more common in older people osteoarthritis
Warm and red, kneeling or bending makes pain and swelling worse bursitis
Swelling, warmth, bruising, more likely while taking anticoagulants bleeding in the joint
Hot and red, sudden attacks of very bad pain gout or septic arthritis






What are the Symptoms of Knee Pain that Indicate Arthritis?


Generally, when peoples knee pain is caused by arthritis they have a dull, achy pain in their knee. Sometimes it is stiff in the morning but feels a little better as they get moving.

People with arthritis in their knee may suffer from episodic flares of knee pain where it gets swollen and then gets a little better, and it fluctuates a little bit as time goes on.


It is important to recognize that there is no one specific symptom that one will have with knee arthritis, but rather a constellation of them and then putting that into the overall clinical picture as well.3




What are the treatments for sudden knee pain?


The treatment you use to treat your knee pain will vary depending on the cause.


For conditions that cause swelling, redness and dull burning pain you should treat them using Rest, Ice & Elevation). You may also find that products containing ibuprofen may help.1(screenshot below)



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