Understanding joint pain

What causes joint pain?

Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong – and is usually a warning sign that tissue is being damaged or infected. When pain strikes our body tissue produces high levels of hormone-like substances that cause inflammation.

Joint pain is not an inevitable result of ‘wear and tear’, to hear more about this click below:

What causes joint pain? | Pain relief

Dr. Fraser Birrell does not directly endorse the use of Flarin or any other medicines.

What is a joint pain flare-up?

Day-to-day joint pain usually feels like a dull ache, but a flare-up can be a much more painful episode and is often accompanied by swelling and stiffness, usually lasting for a few days.

A flare-up can happen to anyone at any age and be caused by anything from playing sport to lifting heavy objects or over stretching. Joint pain flare-ups can also happen if you lead an inactive lifestyle or are overweight.