Why is Flarin different?

Flarin’s unique lipid ibuprofen formulation helps to shield the stomach from damage.

Flarin’s complex manufacturing process heats lipids, ibuprofen and other excipients together to create a unique patented formulation.

Lipids are used to aid absorption. They are known to pass from the stomach into the small intestine where they are absorbed through the lymphatic system. By dissolving Flarin’s anti-inflammatory ingredient (ibuprofen) in lipids it helps to shield the stomach from damage.*

Lipid or Liquid?

Flarin capsules are manufactured in a different way to liquid capsules. Rather than dissolving ibuprofen in liquid, the ibuprofen is formulated with LIPIDS which are absorbed differently.

LIPIDS are fatty substances such as oils, butter and fat. LIPIDS are absorbed in your small intestine. By dissolving ibuprofen in LIPIDS, Flarin minimises contact with the stomach helping shield it from damage.*

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Although I am 72 I have always been active, apparently too active and occasionally suffer from back pain…I sometimes felt down and as though this was my life now. I saw your ad on the tv and thought I’d give it a try. After taking Flarin I have very little pain. Not quite so stiff and am now doing short walks. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t recommend them enough. A big thank you.

The type of pain I experience tends to come and go but when it’s there, it’s there and I can really feel it. It’s a constant nagging sort of pain that I get. I’ve tried lots of treatments in the past, and so was willing to try Flarin as I’d not heard of it before. I am pleased I did because it’s worked really well for me.

My joint pain is bad. It’s worse during the cold weather. I jumped at the opportunity to try Flarin. I’ve had a very positive experience and found it alleviated my pain a lot. Physically Flarin has helped tremendously, and I would recommend others to try it if they are experienced joint pain.

No other ibuprofen has been proven to be more effective for joint pain.*

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