Nutritionist tips for a healthier 2021

Nutritionist Lucy has shared her top tips for a healthier 2021, from proteins to vitamins, here are some ideas on how to keep a balanced diet.

Good fats

Did you know that higher levels of Omega 3 fats in your diet can help to ease joint pain? They help to lubricate your joints so that you can stay active.1

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit, such as berries, are high in antioxidants, such as vitamin C. Did you know that as well as protecting against free radicals in the body, vitamin C also helps immune function in the body? Leafy green vegetables are high in antioxidants, such as vitamin C. Antioxidants are crucial in the diet for protecting against free radical damage. This damage has been linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis.2


Did you know beans and pulses (such as lentils) are sources of protein? They are also low in fat, high in fibre and contribute to your 5 a day intake, essential for a healthy diet.1

Woman eating healthy salad

Low Intensity Exercise

Dancing and cycling are forms of low intensity exercise, as well as walking, swimming and yoga. Low intensity exercise improves your health without harming your joints. A key piece of advice is to start slow and build up on exercises gradually.4

B Vitamins

Did you know the amino acid homocysteine is broken down by vitamin B12, B6 and folic acid in the body?5 Why is this important? This amino acid should be present in very low levels in the body and in people with rheumatoid arthritis these levels can be high.6 Consuming foods such as green vegetables, dairy (or fortified alternatives) and meat can help keep levels of homocysteine under control in the body. 7



Vitamin D supports calcium in the maintenance of bones in the body. People in the UK are often deficient in this vitamin in winter months. Vitamin D is also important in providing antibacterial and antiviral defences. Look out for breakfast cereals and spreads that might be fortified with vitamin D, or talk to your pharmacist about taking supplements to boost your levels.8


Did you know that throughout history, fish has always been an important souce of protein and other nutrients in the diet? A balanced diet can include 1 portion of oily fish a week (a portion is 140g when cooked). Oily fish can include salmon, sardines and mackerel. These fish are good sources of omega 3 fats and vitamin D. 9



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