Making the Most out of Mornings with Arthritis or Joint Pain

Did you know that using a heated blanket in the morning before going out of bed can help your joints to warm up before starting the day? Another idea is to take a warm shower or bath to help soothe stiff and painful joints. Remember to also stretch in the morning before getting started with your day. (1)

Set aside time to prep or make healthy, anti-inflammatory food-based breakfasts. Inflammation can sometimes be caused by a diet too high in inflammatory foods like added sugars alongside lifestyle choices like smoking. When it comes to maintaining normal gut health, good bacteria is a great way to start. Consider foods like greek yogurt with fruit. Alternatively, whole-grain toast with avocado is high in vitamin E, carotenoids, fibre and monounsaturated fats. (2) Whether you suffer from arthritis or not, staying hydrated is an extremely important part of day to day health. When you go to bed, remember to take a bottle of water for the morning or throughout the night. You need plenty of fluids in your system to keep your joints lubricated.(3)

Staying organised can make your mornings much less stressful. Try planning your day the evening before so that you don’t have to worry about all your tasks whilst trying to sleep at night! You could even plan your outfit, pack your bag and prepare your meals if you have enough time.

Remember to take things slow and if possible, set your alarm a little bit earlier to allow for extra time. Remember to pause and have time for yourself. De-stressing is important, especially when you are in pain.(4)

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