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Best exercises for joint pain

Why is exercise good for joint pain and arthritis?

When suffering from joint pain or arthritis, the thought of exercising can fill you with dread. It may seem that if you move less, there is less risk of pain, but this isn’t always right.

Regular exercise can actually help to ease joint pain. Exercise can help you improve your health and fitness without hurting your joints. Exercise can:

  • Strengthen the muscles around your joints
  • Help you maintain bone strength
  • Give you more energy to get through the day
  • Make it easier to get a good night’s sleep
  • Help you control your weight
  • Enhance your quality of life
  • Improve your balance


As we previously mentioned, it is often thought that exercise will cause more pain in your joints, however this is not the case. Lack of exercise actually can make your joints even more painful and stiff.

Exercise helps to keep your muscles and surrounding tissues strong which is crucial for maintaining support.


So, what are the best exercises?

Low impact exercises that are gentle and accessible are the best place to start. Think walking, cycling, swimming and yoga! These types of exercises don’t put too much stress and strain onto your joints, whilst still strengthening muscles!



Walking is easy and anyone can do it! Start off small and build yourself up to longer walks. Ensure you are wearing supportive shoes and remaining hydrated (even if you don’t feel the walk has been particularly strenuous!)



Water helps to support your body weight, meaning that exercises in the water don’t impact your joints too heavily. This is perfect for people who suffer from joint pain and arthritis.

Swimming and water aerobics can help to increase your flexibility, range of motion and strength. It can also reduce joint stress and stiffness.


Strength Training

Strength training is great for building up the muscles around the affected joints. This can help to reduce the strain on the joints and may lead to a reduction in pain.

A resistance band is a great way to challenge the body and build muscle.



Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while doing some exercise (you can also get a stationary bike to keep inside)! Cycling may also reduce stiffness, increase range of motion and leg strength and build your endurance.


Yoga & Tai Chi

Yoga and Tai Chi help to increase flexibility, balance and range of motion while also reducing stress. You can join groups specifically designed for older people, or buy a DVD that you can do at home!



Pilates is an amazing low-impact activity that stabilises the joints and strengthens the muscles around them. If you are new to Pilates, it is recommended you start with a routine that uses a mat rather than a machine.



We’ve spoken about the benefits of gardening before so we’re sure you all know them. Gardening is a great way to get outside, remain active and improve your mood. Begin slowly and invest in tools that make your life easier.


Before you begin any new activities be sure to speak to your doctor first.








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